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Look up Your Freight Class / NMFC #

What's Freight Class?

Freight Class is the category of your freight defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. (NMFTA)

It is also referred to as NMFC: National Motor Freight Classification.

The class of your shipment is determined by its contents, as different types of products have different shipping costs.

The NMFTA classes products according to four characteristics:


1) Weight


2) Storability


3) Handling


4) Liability

There are 18  freight classes ranging from class 50 (the least expensive) to class 500 (most expensive)

The NMFTA also assigns item #'s to every product along with rules and packing requirements.

Each item # has a freight class. All Item numbers and freight classes are catalogued in the NMFC tariff for carriers.

Domestic LTL Carriers use the NMFC tariff to determine their freight charges.

This is why your shipment's freight class is needed in order to calculate correct shipping charges.

You must select the correct freight class or the carrier will re-class your shipment, which could result in a higher shipping charge.

You can use our class finder, to the right, to look up your freight class. You may also call the NMFTA direct at: (703) 838-1810


Don't Know Your Freight Class or NMFC item # /code?

No problem! If you are a first time shipper and are not sure how to determine your freight class or if you were given an incorrect or outdated freight class and would like to verify it, we can help you! Use our Freight Class / NMFC Request form below:


Freight Class/NMFC & Quote Request

 Description of Items being shipped:

 Condition of items:      Total Weight:   lbs

 Dimensions:  Length    Width  Height      

 Number of Packages:         Packaging:        

  Shipping Zipcodes 

 Location Type

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Inside Pickup:  ?

Inside Delivery:  ?

Check here if Shipment is hazardous

  Name:  First:    Last:    Email:  

       Shipped with us before:  


It is very important that you know and select the correct freight class when getting quotes to ensure you receive accurate freight shipping quotes from the start and you can avoid any additional charges from freight re-classes after delivery. All freight carriers determine their shipping charges based on the total shipment weight (including the packaging materials: boxes, pallets... etc.) and the freight class /NMFC of the items being shipped, as determined by the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association).
Freight prices are dependent on these variables.

If you select the wrong freight class or weight when getting quotes and then schedule your shipment based off that incorrect information, you will have been charged incorrectly and will be subject to the carrier re-classing and re-weighing your shipment, which will result in a different shipping charge, which could be higher.

All Carrier's verify the freight class and weight provided on the BOL / Bill of Lading shipping document.  After the carrier picks up your shipment, they will weigh your goods at their terminal and verify the weight and freight class you provided on our bill of lading. If the class or weight on the BOL is incorrect, they will re-class or re-weigh and bill us accordingly. The carrier's charge for their services based off the actual weight and class of the shipment, as determined by them including any extra services required to facilitate the transport of your shipment (lift gate, inside delivery etc) regardless of what's stated on the BOL and paid for already. 

You are responsible for any additional charges associated with your shipment resulting from incorrect information provided to us. Please take the time to determine the correct freight class and weight of your shipment to ensure you are charged correctly from the start. We are happy to assist you with this. Your co-operation will help us make your shipping experience as smooth and accurate as possible. Our goal is to help you avoid your shipment being re-classed by the carrier. Thank you.

** The National Motor Freight Traffic Association does not allow for their published data of freight classes or NMFC codes to be posted online to the general public, as this information is copyrighted and only disclosed to paying members of the NMFTA, such as freight carriers, freight brokers, freight forwarders and logistics companies.

We have a paid subscription to the NMFTA's freight class publication. To comply with the NMFTA's legal rights we can only offer this information to our clients and potential clients /those interested in  booking shipments with us and are not allowed to publically post this information online to everyone.

Please note that we can't devote our time and resources to researching and looking up class information for non-clients, but we are happy to do so for clients or potential clients interested in shipping with us.

Please do not call for freight class or nmfc # lookups unless you are a client booking a shipment with us. We can only assist our own clients. If you are not a customer of ours, please use our freight class request form above or contact the company you are booking your shipment with, your freight broker, forwarder or carrier direct and have them research class information for you.

Thank you
Pacific Atlantic Freight
Customer Support Team.




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