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Shipment Tracking

To track your shipment, select your carrier from the table below which will take you to the online tracking system where you can view up-to-the-minute status information on your shipment. You will need to enter your carrier's PRO#, located on the sticker label on your bill of lading or delivery receipt.

Shipment Tracking: Click on your carrier name below to track your shipment.

Please Note:
The carrier assigns a PRO number (also known as freight bill number or house bill number) to every shipment for tracking purposes. Your shipment PRO # is located on the sticker label, affixed by the driver at the time of pickup, on your bill of lading or delivery receipt.

It is not to be confused with P.A.F's Bill of lading #.  You will need to enter your PRO # (not the bill of lading #) to receive tracking details.

If you have trouble with the online tracking systems above, email: tracking for help or contact us toll free at:


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