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Why ship with us? Here's 10 Reasons:
 Saving you money is not all we'll do. Here are 10 benefits of shipping with us over any freight forwarder, broker or the carrier's direct: 


  No Enrollment, Registration or Sign Up


   You don't have to create an account or register
   to use our service. You get instant access to
   Click2Ship 24/7 to get quotes or ship.


 You Get Our Discounts, No Matter Who You Are,
   from Well Known, Industry leading Carriers
  with the Lowest Freight Damage claims.
  No independent truckers, Reputable names you
  can trust.  It's ok if you're not a frequent shipper,
  we'll Save You  51% up to 73% even if you only
  ship with us once!


  If you are a frequent shipper and would like to


  ship with us again, you have the option to


  create an account for easier use. It's FREE.

   You'll get a personalized login for access to our
   member site with extra time saving features:



Account Record
             You can save your information so
you don't have to type it again.


Address book
  You can store all your shipping
addresses for easy access.


Product book
  You can store all your frequently
shipped products.


Shipment history
  You can view all your
  past shipments


  You Get Free Unlimited Quotes
   We will never charge you for getting too many
   quotes, even if you don't schedule your shipment
    with us. Get as many quotes as you like, anytime.


  You Will Never Pay Any Broker or Service Fees
   We do not charge any fees for our service. You
   only pay our discount shipping charges from the
   carrier. We receive large discounts because of our
   volume and pass a large portion on to you.


  No Contracts or Volume Requirements
   You can ship as little or as much as you like.


  Our System is Extremely Easy To Use
  You only have to enter a few simple shipment
  details, to get quotes, instead of all your shipment
  information. Get Instant Quotes in under 30
  seconds and schedule your shipment in 5 minutes.
8.  You Will Save Hours of Comparison
  Shopping and Time Consuming Work.
  With our Click2Ship system, you can eliminate
  paperwork, surfing the web and phone calling. Shop
  the leading freight carriers all from one place.
9.  Worldwide Coverage and Multiple Services
  You get access to any shipping service you need.
  We provide everything from packaging and crating
  to cargo insurance. You can get it all here.


. You Will Always Get Outstanding
  Customer Service, we promise.
 We give you the personal attention you deserve.
 You will never be treated like a number no matter
 what. Our shipping agents are customer focused,
 friendly, and will take care of you like family. We
 We value you, and it shows.

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